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I can't believe no one said stalker / beckoner. I expected to see at least one.


On topic. I'd suggest a fighter or paladin multiclassed with a dps class (melee or ranged as desired) for getting to know the game and mechanics. The Fanatic is my fav build right now. simple and powerful.


I'd have to agree that a summoning chanter type would be the safest since you can do most of solo vanilla potd even with suboptimal choices although it can be very tedious, which is kind of why I don't suggest it right off the bat despite being a chanter main player.  If I had to go with the most rounded class in all power levels with a relatively easy learning curve, I would probably recommend a fighter type.

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For first time play? How about going straight Chanter(Troubadour). Either as melee or ranged build, it works well with anything, so companion choice is completely free.


It certainly isn't the most complex character to play, but you get to play with summons, and with brisk recitation turned on at all times you can also fairly frequently throw other invocations into the mix.  If you want to have other active abilities to use in between chants rather than autoattacking, you can always level Arcana and carry scrolls.


Though it must be said that a ranged chanter dualwielding Sasha's Singing Scimitar (party upgrade, empower return upgrade) and Scordeo's Trophy (upgraded to 5% recovery bonus to melee and ranged) does a fairly impressive amount of autoattack damage. Nothing to write home about compared to dedicate dps builds, of course, but the stacking of action speed bonuses from dex and scimitar and recovery bonuses from trophy, dualwielding, and dual wield talent makes for an obscenely low recovery rate.  Pair it with Miscreant's Leather to look stylish. And you get to give action speed bonuses to most of your party as well, and can use empowered Eld Nary in each fight at medium and high levels.


At high levels you can start out with empowered Eld Nary and then, with the 3 phrases returned from scimitar, either follow up immediately with a lower level summon or send in a high level summon within 3-6 seconds. It gets pretty silly.



Dump RES

Split the difference for MIG and CON; While high MIG is certainly nice for healing/damage, much of what such a chanter brings to the board (summons, board control) is MIG-agnostic.


..Should probably write up a simple guide for such a chanter; Not the most powerful character around, certainly, but very useful and easy to play, and as a singleclass character that grows strong quite quickly it should be eminently suitable for first time play.

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