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Are there many sidequests where good outcome is class or NPC dependant? (spoilers)

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By chance I found out that you need be a cipher or have Grieving Mother in your party for good outcome in Blood Legacy sidequests. And apparently she is needed for Eder's sidequest, if you want to have good outcome. Are there more sidequests which requires certain class or certain NPC for good outcome? And is there any list for these sidequests?


I try to be good rebel and I prefer good outcomes, but it sucks if you need to guess which NPC or class you need have with you for good outcome.

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You can take the standard Eder finds back to the cipher at Lady Webb’s in Brackenberry to finish his quest also.

I'm not very far yet, doing act II sidequests, which there seems be a lot. Just wondering are there more sidequests like blood legacy, which requires a specific class or a specific NPC to get a good outcome?

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