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Hi Guys, I'm just curious what level someone could reasonably expect to be able to get Kapana Taga and Reckless Brigande on POTD. I'm only a moderately skilled played although I have no problem burning a crapton of consumables trying to get these items.



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Kapana you need a good ship as you can sink Fyrgist but he is not the easiest ship to sink that would be easier than leveling to board him. You have to save reload a bit if you try to sink him with your starting ship as he has a lot of firepower. With dhow+ heavy canons it is easy.


Reckless brigandine probably levels 8-9 in a party if you are careful and pull enemies one by one. 

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Pretty much whatever level it takes you to buy a fully equipped Junk and to have highly experienced sailors manning the cannons.


If you start with Berath’s Blessings for money, save all your money for upgrades, and focus on doing ship bounties as soon as you get off the starting island, then I would think you could do it pretty early. You get experience by doing those things, of course... so maybe level 10 or 11?


EDIT: Or, more likely, what 1TTFFSSE said. : P

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With Fyrgist's ship, I was able to do it at level 9 with the starting ship, but with my crew mostly maxed out on ranks after a number of bounties. I had the four iron thunderers that you can get cheap from the shipwright's quest, and I had the Berath's Blessings ship upgrades. No other upgrades, so the total cost was 1000, if you consider the Berath's Blessings upgrades to be free.


With that setup, once my crew got decent ranks, I could usually set up a chain reaction -- fire once, to cause an injury or bad status (such as a fire), and then while I'm jibing and holding position to prepare to fire again, the other ship is mostly stuck with dealing with that issue. By the time they've dealt with it, I've fired again and caused another status. For some reason, the iron thunderers cause status effects or injuries more often than I've seen with other weapons (and do damage above their max more often as well).


I might have just gotten lucky, but I took out a lot of ships that way pretty easily, and did Fyrgist's ship on my first try, while his ship only got a single volley off. (With other ship set-ups, like wyrmtongues, I did much worse and had to be level 15 or so, and/or have a better ship.)


But I sure wouldn't try boarding his ship at level 9.

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