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I hereby DEMAND that all voices are high pitched and sped up in Fast Mode!

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Didn't the first game have a Smash Mouth Mod for Kana? I would think mucking with the sounds is possible.


Somebody once told me the gods were gonna roll me.

I ain't the smartest kith in the Reach.

He was looking kind of moot with my body underfoot.

As he made his way straight to the beach.

Well the souls start coming and they don't stop coming.

Fed to the Wheel then I hit the seas running...




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Didn't make sense not to learn from the past
Your country gets rich but your people come last
So much to learn, so much to know
So what's wrong with searching to and fro?
You'll never know your goals if you don't know where your from
You'll never understand mansions if you don't know the slums

Hey now, you're a scholar, get your tablet out and read
Hey now, you're a chanter, get your phrases out and lead
And all that's written is to know
Only those who studied change the flow

It's a dark place and they say it gets darker
You're well armed now, wait till you get farther
But the company men beg to differ
Judging by the profit margins getting ever bigger
The rope we walk is getting pretty narrow
The tablet's getting close so go in the barrow
My message is clear, what about yours?
That's what we need so open up these doors

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