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Hello all!


We are releasing a small patch today. Below is a list of changes we wanted to get out to you before the 2.1.0 patch in a few weeks.


This patch should be live on Steam, GOG, & Origin as of 10 AM PDT. The patch will be live on MacPlay as soon as it passes apple approval.


Patch Notes v2.0.1.0044

  • Floating text will no longer remain on the screen out of combat.
  • Eder will now properly bark during The Messenger interactions.
  • Scene transitions in the Pyramid of Woedica will no longer be hidden in fog.
  • Retrained party members will no longer gain Knock Down, Constant Recovery, Battle Axe Proficiency, or Mace Proficiency when they should not.
  • Party members will no longer disappear near the portal in Sunken Crown.
  • Party members stay together when using the portal in Sunken Crown when it's flooded.
  • The autosave feature works as intended after jumping into the pit in the Beast of Winter DLC and allows for progression.
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Well darn I thought the patch list was getting shorter because most of the major issues have been cleared up. But now we have another set on the way.

"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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The patch is still not available for Linux on GOG. There is a new full installer (20.9 GB) for this version, but the updates / patches are still limited to version at the most.


Could this be fixed, please?

I don't think its universal. I use GOG Galaxy and I've had the patch for quite some time now. You might want to check in with GOG support.

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