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Solo dragon at level 14 on POTD all scaling up

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I think this one is the equivelant of the Sky Dragon in the first one. (the easiest dragon in the game)


But not gonna say that it's bad... to be honest, I didn't even watch the video, sorry :unsure: ...


I just let all the dragons go, because I don't like the idea of dragons being so easily killed in any fantasy game. A lizard of such size should easily step on your pwn warrior and kind of just take his breath out. 

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Wait! It is still in the no spoilers section didn't it get moved??

No, it's in the Spoiler Section now.  What you're seeing is a redirect link to the spoiler section. :) Depending on forum software, the redirect link will expire soon enough.  It's mostly there so folks who were active in a thread know what happened to said thread when it gets moved.

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Report this guy, wow thanks for spoiling the game, guess you just wanted to feel special? These people should lose forum privileges 

Yea exactly. Also noone forced them to watch this video. All it said is "Solo dragon at level 14 on POTD all scaling up" didnt even say where and which dragon.

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