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It's definitely harder than at release, which especially feels on Gorreci Street.

But still easier than in PoE1 overall.


Do you still severely out level all enemies by the end of the game?

Can't tell of the late game.

My party is level 11. But I did and do encounter a lot of 2-3 skull enemies.


As for challenges:

- by itself Berath's Challenge doesn't really make the game harder. You don't have many knockouts with a good party. Not to mention having emergency resurrection scrolls.

But with Trial of Iron and inability to pause you will have to play much safer... which usually means sturdier team, less risks and longer time-to-kill.

- and regarding Magran's Challenge: inability to slow down is not a big hindrance. Already am playing at normal speed. But inability to pause is a biggy. Without pausing, it will take longer to issue all the commands; and characters might be less time-efficient. Good AI behaviors help to some degree though.

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the game is challenging up to about level 12-13


After that it is a cake walk


I did the new DLC the Beast of winter at level 14 and it was challenging. The problem was finishing of the rest of the game after that, it was way to easy. I dont think Obsidian have taken this into consideration with  there balancing implementations yet. They should have because they reccomended people play BOW at levels 14-15


Best thing to do is play with only 3 or 4 party members

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As for the game being too easy after level 14; I agree for sure. Maybe only fampyr island is a challenge at that point (if you don't immunize your party with certain foods). 


I am personally, purposefully not beating the game, and leaving several character - playthrus at about this level, in order to complete upcoming DLC when they come out, and then finally beat the game. 

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It did become harder from what I can tell. I played BoW at level 20 PotD (level scaling upwards) and sort of winged it but the boss fights were more difficult and I had to use most of my abilities. Adding significantly to the AR of the bosses makes a big difference in how quickly they go down although yeah it makes high pen weapons far more viable than low pen ones. Also, even in BoW PotD, neither of the bosses hit hard enough either via melee or via spells and that should probably be remedied. Overall, I would say that the bosses now feel like they can take hits and soak up damage but their own damage output is still too low on PotD. Second, I would love to see some more disables and mega-nukes from the bosses; both of those are what made POE1 so difficult. 

(I don't care as much as the original author about ordinary trash mob fights since honestly I mostly just want them to be over and done as quickly as possible). 

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It's a lot better than it was but it still needs improvement.


Basically what's happened is that they've given each encounter a level-appropriate PotD tuning, but the scaling is capped at, I think, +/- six levels, and a lot of the game's content is relatively low-level (as in aimed at level 6-12 or so). So the game is now adjusted for PotD and genuinely challenging, but once you pass about level 12-14 or so, you start outleveling the scaling, and so stuff starts getting easy again.


The DLC is perfectly challenging even at level 14+ because it's level 14-16 content so the scaling problems aren't an issue. Other locations that were intended as high level content are still challenging (fampyrs) because they're high enough level to scale appropriately. But most of the game is relatively low level (because open world) so overall the game gets easier.


Basically what they need to do is go through and expand the scaling cap to, like, up to ten or twelve extra levels, rather than just six. 

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