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Friendly Fire and an Unmet Companion



Two small things. Second one's probably been reported already.


The first was a weird case of friendly fire. I was in the crypts beneath the temple of Berath in Neketaka. Met a dargul marksman and tried to kite him back a ways. He only followed for a little bit, then got distracted by... a risen armsman? They exchanged a couple arrows, and the dargul killed the risen. You can see the combat log in the lower right of the first screenshot. Undead rivalry or bug?


The second one is simpler: Xoti's "Eder doesn't like me very much" dialogue references Maia even if you haven't met her yet.




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Hi Tamerlane,


We are aware of the issue with Xoti referencing Maia before you've met her and we are currently working on a fix. Regarding the Dargul Marksman and Risen Armsman issue, could you please provide us with your save file before starting the content in The Hanging Sepulchers and also provide screenshots of where the specific Dargul Marksman and Risen Armsman spawn so that we may check these particular creatures?


Save File: %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II



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