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So I'm at the point now where I have enough coin to buy one of the more expensive ships like the Junk @ $109,000, or the Galleon (I think) @ $90,000.  But if I do that, I'm still going to have to upgrade the hull/sails/cannons/ect which will probably set me back another $100,000 or so.


Or, I could  do some higher level upgrades to my unique armor/weapons, which can be quite costly, especially if you do any legendary upgrades @ $30,000 a hit.  It seems like the wiser investment though, as I'll use those weapons/armor far more than I'll use my ship in combat.


But I'm one of those players that actually enjoys the ship combat mini-game.  I find it a nice little side game, similar to what Gwent was to Witcher 3.  The Defiant just isn't cutting it anymore and I'm getting blown out of the water going after some of the bigger bounties.  I know you can just ram the enemy ship and board them, and I have done that, but I like the other  way also.


I'm not going to be able to do both, at least not in my current game state, unless I come into a lot more coin soon.  Just looking for opinions on which path other players have chosen.

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Imho you need to upgrade your ship only once. I did that before upgrading my weapons/armor and then cleaned the map to make more money.


But if you are sure you are gonna use a weapon or armor for a long time or you really wanna have an upgrade then do it. Also, if you are finding the combats challenging (assuming that such a thing is possible!).


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I bought the galleon when I got a strong impression that my party started to get strong no matter where I went. You know, there's usually a point in the game when you feel really confident in the overall power of your party, enough so that you wouldn't need to worry about walking 100 feet from a safe area.


I played on Veteran but without level scaling, so the game started to feel really easy at some point quite early on for me.


From a certain level enemies will start dropping exceptional gear. If your party are strong enough to fight these guys comfortably then just do one or two quests of that level and you'll get your money back in no time.

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Grab the ship imo, as the game gets towards the end you'll get a ton of money from all the Superb weapons enemies drop and you can level up your equipment then. At launch sometimes they'd drop Legendary weapons which was just freaking cash city

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I'd recommend a better ship, the combat is generally easy enough without upgrades.


That being said, there's no need to get the best ship.  I used a Dhow for my entire playthrough (with maxed hulls and sails, and only the strongest 4-turn reload cannon) and was able to beat every other ship in the game.  IMO faster jibes and quick-to-reload cannons beat out the big slow ships with ease.

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The issue with upgrading weapons is not having enough Adra ban not money.


There is no gem dealer in the game that sells them and you only end up finding about 5 or 6 of them from memory.


One handed weapons you need 2 Adra ban to upgrade and two handed weapons and ranged weapons you need 4 of them

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