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Recommendations for a Solo Berath's + Magran's Challenge WITHOUT (much) AI use

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Zap Gun For Hire

Zap Gun For Hire

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So I'm thinking about turning my eye to some of the Gods Challenges and I'm probably just going to mess around on my own until I see things I like.  But I was interested in some tips for the No Pause aspect of Magran's Challenge that DOESN'T rely too heavily on setting AI behaviors.


Partially because I sorta feel that relying on AI decisions kinda takes part of the challenge out of the Challenge (except for the challenge of figuring out AI settings, I suppose).


But, if I'm honest, mostly because I just don't like using the AI system in the first place. :lol:


So any sorts of things I should be aware of as I consider class and build.  Not really wedded to any class, though I must admit I do love playing Rangers.  I did end up using The Gunslinger build for my Ultimate Achievement PotD Solo run in PoE I, so I'm also familiar with Chanters and Solo play.


But, mostly, just looking for general advice on the No Pause aspect of the challenge. I'll probably try to figure out the rest on my own.




Or use a build I like that I see on this board.  That works too. :lol:




I am also already well aware of "run away to a safe distance and send critters out from chants" idea, though I haven't tried it out much yet.  Things along those lines, along with more specific tips, is more or less what I'm looking for.




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Holyslayer Paladin/Trickster is very forgiving of mistakes and very reliable


Templar and Herald as well...anything with Paladin basically. 


In full plate and buffing your defenses deflection and self healing you have to "try" to die to die. 

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I am going through Solo+Berath's Challenge with a variation of Sir Sit-a-Lot  rather quickly (2nd day lvl 16 omw to Magran's Maw)


I was not sure on how this will go when I started. I don't pause much now, but first 30k to get Patinated plate would probably be the hardest if you want to add Magran's to the mix. I am saving Magran's for the Group with Triple Crown (#efficientAchievementClearing :p )


Imho AI is useful for buff based classes (Wiz, Fighter) and will affect downtime during Magran's Challenge. Regularly convenience choice, it could affect downtime on Margan's, but realistically, if you are not sped up you can click very fast and practive using shift+click for identical result. #wizardIsProbablyNotTheMostFunClassTooPlayOnMargansChallenge ;P

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