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My Biggest Complaint - Scattered Dispositions

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Here's my issue with it... I'm playing a selfish, evil character who just wants money and won't let morals get in the way. Somehow I've managed to get 4 stoic, 4 shady, 4 rational, 2 passionate, 2 honest, 3 diplomatic, 4 cruel, 4 clever, 3 benevolent, and 4 aggressive, just by roleplaying a fairly common character archetype without worrying about disposition points.  The disposition system loses its meaning when it's this easy to pick up traits in everything just by playing the game regularly.


Mhmm. That's sort of my issue with it too - if you want your disposition screen to look clean, you're compelled to play with the disposition changes turned on. 


And in large part, it's due to the fact that some of the choices don't seem to fit at all, really. Like, flipping off Benweth is Stoic, somehow, when Clever would make a little more sense. Stoic would fit better for "Aim all cannons at the mouthy one." And nearly every "Say anything" dialogue choice is Stoic as well. 


It's exceptionally frustrating for characters like Atsura, who are programmed with different dialogue strings that key off of your dispositions - he's got Ciphers reading your mind to see what you respond best to. So if you've got points in EVERY disposition, what's he supposed to respond to? 


It used to be a lot worse - a few choices in any direction would bump your score up by one point. 

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It might be a good idea to increase the max level of each disposition to 10 so having at least a bit of each would make more sense.  Or maybe use pairs of dispositions that have to add up to 100% (like honest vs shady for example).  IIRC that's the way Divinity: OS handled it.

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