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Sry if there is already a post/thread about this


There are Cloaks all over the world of eora... but the variety is rare...

so why no visual models of quivers, or backpacks, or other stuff...


just for discussion


My point is: What's an archer without his quiver...

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Yeah, good point. The slot for those items is named "back_" and then something. Like "back_cloak_u_whatevercloak". So you could totally come up with different stuff that goes onto your back without breaking the "internal" logic: "back_backpack_u_the_drifters_breadbag" or so. :) 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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A rucksack would be a good addition.


Are there any RPG's where your character actually has a rucksack, with a bedroll and that on it??


I think that would be a good touch, maybe not at all times but in certain areas. When trudging through a mountain pass or whatever.


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why not wings or magic cloaks?


Imagine your Nature Godlike with a cloak of mystic leaves.

The leaves will protect and follow you with all power that Nature can offer to you. 

Fallen leaves around you will bring beauty to the battlefield.


We can imagine the same thing with fallen star for  Moon Godlikes.

Maybe a cloak with an aurora effect. Beautiful!

You will be the light against the darkness from enemies' hearts.


And what about fire wings for your Fire Godlike?

If you have a tail too, you could be the legendary Phoenix. 

It's so charming!


We can have a guitar or another instrument. 

The instrument will emanate a song with healing and some benefits powers. 

You will be the show of the fight.


Quivers are good, mainly when we have special arrows to shoot against the hungry monsters of these lands.

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