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Obsidian: Good job! <3


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I just wanted to say I'm very happy with the changes you've made to the core game since release. <3

The difficulty is drastically increased, and a lot of bugs have been stomped out. In essence it's a much better game in all.


There is still a lot of potential to be realized in Deadfire, just like it was in PoE1. I hope you'll be able to keep upgrading this game as vigorously as the previous one. :)


With Love,

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It makes me really happy to see a post like this!


I really love the amount of attention Obsidian has given to feedback and the amount of effort to improve the game.  I wasn't involved in the community after PoE1's release, but I assume it was similar then.


While I don't think it's good to blindly follow what people say (not saying they are), I very much appreciate that they try to listen and consider it as much as they do.  It's also just really cool and exciting to see them so actively develop on something.  Gives it a sense of life (sounds weird, but I don't know how else to put it).

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I agree with OP. Also the new roadmap posted on BoW's launch day fills me with excitement and anticipation :yes:

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