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Malnaj fight still bugged (maybe/hopefully?)



I posted this under an old thread for the Sorcerer and a Gentleman bug before I realised that thread was marked as solved so just creating a new topic for it if that's ok (I'd delete the other post but can't see an option too >_<)

So anyway..

Despite the fix mentioned in the 2.0 patch notes this issue seems to persist somewhat.

While you can now loot the bodies after the fight they only have generic loot (I assumed Malnaj herself would drop something non-generic).   

More importantly there is still no conversation, you're left on the boat with the bodies and have to click the go back to the world map button at the top to leave.  Although I'm somewhat concerned that this may possibly be 'working as intended'

I did a search on the contents of all the conversation files and there doesn't seem to be any dialog anywhere that would go after that fight.  So either the bug is they forgot to include the .stringtable file for that dialog or there was never any written.  It is an extraordinarily anti-climatic end to a companions quest chain (I know it technically ends after you talk to Remaro but plot wise Malnaj is a significant figure in Serafen's past and the antagonist of his questline, her death would seem to warrant....something.

I actually took a break from the game at launch mainly because of this (and a few other quest bugs but this was the big one) and coming back for 2.0 and the new expansion and finding it's basically unchanged is rather frustrating to say the least :/.  Playing at launch I knew there'd be a lot of bugs, it happens with every big CRPG, they're complicated games.  However the major ones usually get ironed out in the first couple of patches (excluding hotfixes) and I'd definitely consider a main companions quest major  :(

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Hey Chaoticlusts!


Sorry to hear you're running into troubles with the Sorcerer and a Gentleman quest chain.  As far as I've seen from our bug reports, the fix should have put in a "Talk to Serafen" option for Serafen under three possible conditions.


1. You let Remero go

2. Give Remero's head to Malnaj

3. Give Remero's head to the Principi


Once one of those conditionals are met, Serafen should trigger his "Talk to Serafen" option at which point you can click that button to trigger the conversation.


I hope this helps, but regardless of the outcome, please let me know if it works for you.

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Unfortunately that wasn't the issue I was referring too.

I'm aware you get dialog after freeing Remero, the problem is nothing occurs after killing Malnaj.  She and her crew drop generic random loot and then you are left standing on the boat having to click the return to world map button to leave the encounter.  If you do try to talk to Serafen at that point all you get is his generic 'hey cap' greeting.

As I said I dug around the stringtable files for dialog that would fit into this encounter and was unable to find any, so I'm currently hoping the bug is that the relevant file is missing as the alternative is this is working as intended which feels a bit weird given how significant Malnaj was to Serafen.  She tortured and tormented him for what sounds like years, her death seems like the real end of his personal quest.  Dealing with Remero is definitely the most significant part but Malnaj feels like the final closure and so it would seem to warrant some form of comment from Serafen even if it was just a couple of lines.  (I also think Malnaj should have some unique loot but that's a far more trivial issue)

As a side since there are 3 different threads regarding this atm (last I saw) would you prefer one to be assigned the primary and all conversation moved to that one for clarity?

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