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I am getting a kind of a graphical bug when instead of proper textures, it only shows as black. This is after the Beast of Winter update last night. I saw this on the bridge in Crookspur Fort, the Crystal spiders in the Crookspur cavern, and the Messenger (Beast of Winter). I wasn't able to get the screenshots for the first two but attached is the screenshot for the Messenger.


Please note the following:

- Game version 2.0

- Graphics set on High

- Save game is modded and console commanded (but no mods for graphics)

- Rig is as follows:

  - CPU: Core i5 6600

  - GPU: AMD R9 390 8gb

  - RAM: 16gb DDR4 2133


I am now currently:

- Trying the game without mods

- Trying the game on medium and low graphics

- Trying the game with all graphics settings unticked


EDIT: I got the textures back. I'm not sure what did it but I removed the mods and revalidated the files (through Steam)


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I have the same issue as well no mods no save. Tried on different settings. Nothing worked. Same setup except 1060 GTX

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