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How is the difficulty on BoW with POTD/Upscale at 20?

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It's not select all > left click. Most monsters are 16+ level. Final boss has 5500 hp (I hope Obsidian would think of something else next time than that) compared to similar creatures that have ~1500. But after possible beginning difficulty spike (take care of your frost resists) it's the usual, aside from maybe when game surrounds you with archers or throws 4 HoFing barbarians at you. Many (I'd say 60%) encounters are monster closets straight out of DA2.


Eder tanks everything.


Custom made parties would mostly chunk through all though.

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It's relatively challenging, had to reload once or twice on fights where I was ambushed/poorly positioned or going up against a boss. It seems to handle difficulty better than the base game, but you could still probably get through it with minimal use of consumables/per rest abilities. It's definitely not a cakewalk, though, and with a recommended lvl 15 party on PotD with scaling I could imagine it being quite difficult..

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