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Do we know about how long Beasts Of Winter's playtime is?

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What they have stated repeatedly is that it depends entirely upon how quickly you play and how much of the content you chase down.

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Well they'd also get backlash for saying its longer than people think or shorter than people think (more the latter probably).


They've said in past that it's shorter than a White March part (I think?) and longer than Bastards Wound. I've played neither but I've tried to keep my expectations for something short /not create any.

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It's been out for about five hours, so we can probably assume it's got at least five hours' worth of content or someone would be talking about having finished it by now. Although of course there's beating the DLC and then going on to do Ukaizo again and see the new ending slides, which could add an hour or so

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They said longer than Bastard's Wound (which I never played, so "eh?") and a bit shorter than White March. Whatever - there are plenty of nice new items in it. If you include the Deck of Many Things (free DLC that also came out today) it's a LOT of new items.

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Um, lol, so non answers. :( Guess if they say it's short or something pinned down it could hurt sales. 

Questions regarding length when it comes to games like Deadfire (or DLCs for such games) are somewhat pointless because the answer always depends on the player. For example, I know people who completed the base game in about 30 hours, while it took me 111 hours to fully experience everything that Deadfire had to offer. 

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