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I'm not sure if this is an already explored topic, but I'd like some minor tweaks in the interface. If this belongs in other threads, plese welcome mods in movign this post elsewhere, or pointing me at the proper thread. The purpose of this, is to reduce a bit the bureaucracy times, where you don't play but you just "do the luggages". Which I love, don't get me, wrong, but that's because I'm some kind of retentive.


- Leveling up: I find it a bit cumbersome to be able to level up just the current party. The specific case is, mainly, about ship travels, maybe dotted with battles, and pertains mostly the sidekicks. I really wish there was access to the level-up screen from any point in the game, to any character who reached the next level(s). As it is, if I do not use three or five characters for some time (mostly the sidekicks, as I said), I find myself with them lagging behind compared to their xps, at some time even by three levels. So, I need to periodically stop at an inn, tunr the characters, level them up, which takes more than ten minutes (sometimes way more). On a side note, if the sidekicks all had a more juicy storiline or dialogs, I would leave them behind a lot less... (I totally adore Mirke)


- Inventory: for about the same reason (not passing hours in an inn or suitable place to arrange the luggages), it would be nice that the inventory screen included ALL the characters and not just the ones currently in the party. During the third quarter of the game I find myself with a cartload (boatload?) of items to assign to thirteen characters, each of them having four (or six, or eight!) weapon slots and about ten body slots, making a grand total of 150ish items to allocate, picking them from usually three times as much. It would be reasonably nicer if I didn't have, ON TOP OF THAT, to load and unload characters. So: could it be possible to access all characters and not just the four (plus myself) currently active? At least in the "common points" (inns and ship) where you are assuming they are all there anyway. Incidentally, having an inn-like place in every subsection wouldn't be amiss, but I digress.


- Inventory (there's more): personally I could use a finer division of the weapon inventory (one-hand v two, and ranged v melee v grimories v shields), of the clothing accessories (by body part, maybe including armors) and of the miscellanea (pets v books v tools). Incidentally, I would put the tools in the "consumables" menu. Point is, I tend not to throw away anything until I'm sure of what goes better ob whom, so I find myself with tens of clothes items all mixed up. But I understand that this is just my inner Jeeves talking.




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