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Question regarding Eder and Pallegina's personalities...(spoilers)

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Do they change much based on which POE1 ending? Eder the Mayor, for example, is skeptical of Xoti at first for her devote faith. Then realizes he was like that. Now, if the Black Market Eder said this, it would make no sense.


Same with Palle being so devoted to the Republics if she is a raving homeless person.


So, do their personalities change depending on history?

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Yeah, Pallegina's starting conversation with you is different, and at least some of her conversations with Aloth are different, but Pallegina is patriotic no matter what. So her conversations after are the same.


For Eder, I have no clue. I know his starting conversation is *supposed *to be different but was bugged, and that he only says "For Eothas" in combat if he kept his faith.

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I did notice that Mayor Eder seemed to stop saying "For Eothas!" as a battle cry, which I thought was a nice touch. But others are right in that he was bugged for the LONGEST time... The conversation with Xoti happening either way makes a little bit of sense though. Xoti is, at that point, full of the same kind of zeal that led people like Eder's brother to die in droves for Readceras during the Saint's War. He probably sees a lot of both himself AND his older brother in her. Granted, it's been a while since I've read that conversation - at least to me, it seemed like he was speaking about her zeal, not the fact that she worshiped a god. Both Eders are also pro-Eothasian either way.


Pallegina is another story, because she's now so vehemently pro-Republics whereas before she was shown to be willing to question orders if she thought the ducs bel were doing something that could cause problems. That was the WHOLE POINT of her questline. But nope, now she's dogmatically pro-Vallian even if the Vallians stripped her of her rank, banished her, and made her join the Kind Wayfarers. 

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May be Pallegina will change her opinion about ducs in POE 3! In POE 2 she said that Republics are much more then only ducs and government.

Bad ending for her in POE I and not the worst ending in POE 2 (where she is not dead) could made an impact in her.

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