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Wander around in an alcohol and drug fueled stupor lulling your enemies into surrounding you then suddenly explode into motion.


Dashes around smashing the enemy and stacks debuffs and start with the deathblows at as close to 0 recovery and attack as possible.


Citation: This was inspired by Sin Tee’s Mirke build.


Game Version: 1.2

Difficulty: PotD (+all Upscale, no mods)

Solo: Untested


Race: Human

Class: Shadowdancer (Streetfighter/Nalpazca)

Home: Deadfire

Background: Hunter



Mig 17

Con: 10

Dex: 19

Per: 18

Int: 10

Res: 4



Active: Alchemy Max

Passive: your choice (no gear bonuses)


Abilities (In suggested order of selection):

Crippling Strike & Swift Strikes


Lesser Wounds

Dirty Fighting & Two Weapon Style

Blinding Strike

Defensive roll (or fast runner)

Debilitating Strike & Swift Flurry

Confounding Blind

Finishing Blow

Snake Reflex & Thunderous Blows

Duality of Mortal Presence

Rooting Pain

Deep Wounds & Uncanny Luck

Devastating Blow


Improved Critical & Flagellant's Path

Turning Wheel

Enervating Blows

Deathblows & Heartbeat Drumming

Adept Evasion or Slippery Mind



Pukestabber & Marux Amanth  (unarmed for 2nd set)

Fair Favor


Miscreant's Leathers

Chameleon's Touch

Entonia Signet Ring

Boots of Stone

Girdle of Mortal Protection


Cloak of Greater Deflection: +7 Deflection



Abraham (Dog): Reduce armor penalty for player (varies by type) & health on kill party effect.


Nalvi (Dog): +1 resolve for player & Reduce recover Penalty for armor (varies by type) Party effect.



Vrer Chiora (Alcohol for Mad Drunk)

Mouth Char

Potion of Perfect Aim

Potion of Ascension

Potion of Spirit Shield

Potion of Moderate Healing



Edit: you could do the history + giftbearer's and change gatecrashers to bracers of deflection if you find yourself getting in trouble often, but the trick is to never stand still, get flanked then flagellants in and out of it while dumping 2 or 3 debilitating strikes at the speed of sound.

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The only problem right now with nalpazka is that if you get Arcane Dampened while on drugs, it creates a drug crash, and once arcane dampener runs out the drug crash remains.  Which means 100% healing reduction on your character.


I am already lvl 13 Votary, Kind wayfarer / Nelpazka and sometimes in a single encounter, if there are many mages I have to take 3-6 drugs during the fight.  Which is not fun.

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I've been running basically this build, except that I left might at 10 and maxed out constitution instead.  The bonus damage from "heating up" and "on the edge" more than make up for the lost might.


I second the concern about arcane damper.  That's really the only thing that can slow you down once you get the build going.  Kill the wizards first!  The extra con really helps when you get hit by it anyway, since you can last a really long time with that sweet "on the edge" bonus.

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Yes, the drug crash should go away after Dampener ends. OR stuff like drugs shouldn't be suppressed. I mean it's an "Arcane" Dampener, not the "Everything" Dampener. However, this is cleary an oversight of the devs.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Yes, the drug crash should go away after Dampener ends. OR stuff like drugs shouldn't be suppressed. I mean it's an "Arcane" Dampener, not the "Everything" Dampener. However, this is cleary an oversight of the devs.


Arcane Dampener is generally kind of a mess right now. It almost makes me miss NWN and its comically over-elaborate dispelling mechanics.



If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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For Arcane Dampener clashes with drugs crashes try with this (put in override folder)



using that  arcane dampener will remove  'any' drug's effect , positive or negative , so drug crashes trigger and will be removed at the same time.
The only counterpart happen on characters that already suffer a drug crash . Also their penalty will be removed in the same way.


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