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Maia stays dominated bug (during and after Flying Hangman)



During the Flying Hangman combat, Maia got dominated - but when the effect ran out she still stayed hostile, but didn't do anything.


After the fight, I went to a village up north first. There she was still hostile and my characters attacked her. Knocking her out didn't end the fight.


So I reloaded and went to the Dunnage bar to get Ydwin in order to try to charm Maia. But there Maia appeared as a friendly, but you cannot give her any command.


Here is the save file:



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Hi ladyerror,


I've added your issue to our database about Maia remaining charmed after the Flying Hangman combat ended. Thank you for providing a save file for us. I'm assuming the save is before combat begins on the Flying Hangman? If not, could you please provide us with a save there?



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Thanks. Here is the save file right before the Hangman combat start:




More info on this bug which might help:


I noticed in the Fampyr cave fight a couple times that when Maia was charmed, the combat became very, very slow - as if a large amount of data was loading. One time it became unplayable, so I had to restart the fight. My computer has no performance issues otherwise (SSD and 8th gen i5).

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