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[Announcement] PoE2 Deadfire Tweaks

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Dr. Hieronymous Alloy

Dr. Hieronymous Alloy

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Hey, another Aloth request if you have time and don't mind --


Instead of Fighter/Wizard Aloth, how about Paladin (Steel Garotte) / Wizard Aloth? 


edit: if you get a chance, a Blood Mage Aloth option would be great too! 


further edit: as would a "Trickster" option for Eder  (would like to try him as unbroken/trickster). 


Sorry for throwing so many requests at you! 

Edited by Dr. Hieronymous Alloy, 29 January 2019 - 07:45 AM.



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Edit: moved my comment to the Nexus Mod page as that seems to be more active!


Is it at all possible to add to your tweak package that would allow Ciphers to use all their ally only abilities to include self as well?

Edited by Squilla, 23 January 2019 - 07:20 AM.



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This mod breathed some life into Deadfire for me, kudos to you! 

Any chance for some extra love for Psion? I feel the subclass lacks "something similar" to Soul Whip upgrades. Maybe an upgrade to the Soul Mind making it more attractive as a solo class? I would love to play Psion single-classed, but their focus regen is so piddly I caught myself just spamming low level spells as anything else would take years to charge. Perhaps a perk that quickly refunds some cost of your last cast? Or, if we are to embrace the spamming, maybe some Power Level boosts for lower power level abilities.

On companion front, I would love ability to make Serafen a Furyshaper!

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