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The Premise

Spiritual Weapon is a pretty cool spell and has some excellent damage potential when stacked with all the tools the Priest also comes with. Skaen Priests have potentially the best version since they're put into Two Weapon Style with it and also have access to Finishing Blow. The idea is to pop Swift Strikes and then cast all your buffs at once, extend them all with Salvation of Time and then go to town, ripping enemies to shreds with Skaen's blessed weapons or your fists for Pierce immunes. The enemies may very well think you to be the Effigy himself.


This build isn't without flaws though. The biggest threat to this build are Wizards, which 90% of the time pack Arcane Dampener. Either kill them ASAP or use Scrolls of Thrust of Tattered Veils to make them lose the cast.


Note that this build, despite being Monk/Priest, is incompatible with Xoti due to her being a heretic and not following Skaen. She won't get Finishing Blow and her version of Spiritual Weapon is vastly inferior. Rather ironic since we will be using that lantern of hers.


The Character

Class: Monk (Helwalker)/Priest (Skaen)

Race: Wood Elf

Background: The White that Wends - Labourer


Might 11

Constitution 10

Dexterity 14

Perception 17

Intellect 15

Resolve 8


Resolve and Con can be lowered further if you desire more damage over bulk. The race can be whatever you want as well. Wood Elf was mainly chosen to combat Dexterity Afflictions.


Helwalker is the chosen choice for Monk subclass. Though Shattered Pillar can work as well. The choice between Shattered Pillar or Helwalker is really up to personal preference.


For passive skills all points go into Religion to maximise the bonuses from Xoti's Lantern. Active are a free pick, though Athletics is good considering this character will be engaged in melee.


Ability Progression

1 - Swift Strikes, Restore

2 - Lesser Wounds

3 - Suppress Affliction (Can also take Blessing instead but respec out of it once Dire Blessing is acquired)

4 - Two Weapon Style, Spiritual Weapon

5 - Dance of Death

6 - Long Stride

7 - Swift Flurry, Dire Blessing

8 - Blade Turning

9 - Consecrated Ground

10 - Duality of Mortal Presance, Devotions for the Faithful

11 - Rooting Pain

12 - Enduring Dance

13 - Enervating Blows, Champion's Boon

14 - Rapid Casting

15 - Uncanny Luck

16 - Turning Wheel, Salvation of Time

17 - Martial Caster

18 - Flagellent's Path

19 - Heartbeat Drumming, Lasting Empower

20 - Improved Critical


Force of Anguish, Litany for the Spirit, Shining Beacon, and Circle of Protection are all good alternative picks when available. Combat Focus is also a consideration since this character will be a popular target for Interruption effects while in caster mode.


Empower should either be used with Spiritual Weapon to maximise its PL or to regain casts for an extra use of Finishing Blow.


Noteworthy Gear

Rännig's Wrath

Mostly taken for the extra action speed while you're casting all your buffs.



An alternative to Rännig's, and a useful weapon if the battle lasts long enough that Spiritual Weapon wears off. Very useful when fighting against Fampyrs to stop them from Dominatiing you while you're in-between casting buffs.


Xoti's Lantern

To increase the PL of your Inspiration buffs while in caster mode.


Effigy's Husk

Mostly chosen for roleplay. This armor will give you immunity to Might afflictions as well. Of course you can otherwise use the ever so popular Devil of Caroc Breastplate instead for extra uses on Swift Strikes and Thunderous Blows. Reckless Brigandine is also worth considering.


Fair Favour

This build uses Stilettos so using this hat is a given. Be nice to Serafen.


Claim and Refusal

Increases damage dealt. Since this character will probably engage melee a little later than any other melee characters you have, the increased damage taken usually won't be an issue.


Footprints of Ahu Taka

Grants extra casts of Spiritual Weapon in case it wears off.

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