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Big Mouth does not heal any crew, 1.2 bug?




I have had 3 members of my crew that have been injured for weeks and have not received any healing from Big Mouth despite him being an 'Expert Surgeon'.

This is weird because initially he healed my crew fine but this seems to have happened after patch 1.2 though I am not sure.


I have linked two savegame files (as I seem not to be allowed to upload them here) to show that there has been no progress in the healing of the crew over many weeks


The first savegame



The second savegame







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Hi HughMungus,


Thanks for posting your issue about Big Mouth not healing injured crew members. I'll send this off to our developers to investigate. In the meantime, could you please verify that your injured crew members are in Resting Slots, you have enough Medicine supplies, and Big Mouth is in the Surgeon slot?



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