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Riposte Tank - Trickster/Bleak Walker
Click the video below for a more detailed look at the build
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Combat Showcase Timestamp <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
This build is designed to be a resolve based dodge/riposte tank which utilizes the rogue passive Riposte and the enchant ability of the great sword Whispers of the Endless Path to counter attack when an opponent misses you in melee. It relies on a lot of deflection based passives, items and buff+-/debuff spells to mitigate damage taken in melee by making the opponent miss. It has very low constitution and is therefore bit weak to magic and ranged damage compared to other tank builds, but makes up for it by having the added damage from going 2 handed. I haven't tested it yet but the build should be able to solo on PotD. Bleak Walkers favored disposition is Aggressive and Cruel but you can make this build work with other Orders aswell.
Update: Trickster recieved some buffs in patch 1.2.0. It shouldnt affect the build path just makes Trickster stronger.
  • Trickster Gaze of the Adragan Guile Cost 3 -> 2.

  • Trickster Wall of Many Colors Guile Cost 4 -> 3.

  • Trickster Sneak Attack penalty -20% Damage -> -10%.

  • Trickster now also acquires wizard illusion spells at PL 2, 4, 6, and 8.

  • Eliminating Blow only applies Shaken to secondary targets, as suggested by its upgrade string.


  • Might 10

  • Constitution 5

  • Dexterity 14

  • Perception 14

  • Intellect 15

  • Resolve 19

Role: Main/offtank, Offhealer/buffs, AoE damage dealer
The build offers a lot of utility to the party in addition to beeing a tank by buffing and healing your team while debuffing enemies.
Race: Human or Hearth Orlan. Both have bonus Resolve and racial passives that increases damage.
Level progression:
  • Level 1: Lay on Hands/Crippling strike

  • Level 2: Deep Faith

  • Level 3: Backstab

  • Level 4: Dirty fighting/Zealous Aura

  • Level 5: Two handed style

  • Level 6: Inspiring Triumph

  • Level 7: Riposte/Glorious Beacon

  • Level 8: Hands of Light

  • Level 9: Eternal Devotion

  • Level 10: Finishing blow/Zealous aura upgrade (Exalted charge?)

  • Level 11: Persistent Distraction

  • Level 12: Scion of Flame

  • Level 13: Elimination Blow/Enduring Beacon

  • Level 14: Uncanny Luck

  • Level 15: Deep Wounds

  • Level 16: Improved Critical/Virtous Triumph

  • Level 17: Divine Purpose

  • Level 18: Retribution

  • Level 19: Deathblows/Sacred Immolation

  • Level 20: Stoic Steel

Max intimidate for Casità Samelia's Legacy Passive
Mix stealth/Athletics
Weapon Proficiencies:
  • Great Sword

  • N/A. Just choose other two handers


  • High damage for a tank build

  • Can work as an off-healer

  • Buffs/Debuffs

  • High AoE damage

Weak to ranged and magic damage due to low constitution
Priority is to max the deflection as high as possible to proc Riposte and Offensive Parry. There is quite a lot of gear you can pickup before endgame but I will list best in slot items
Whispers of the Endless Path with Offensive Parry enchant
  • Helm - Whitewitch Mask : +1 Illusion Power levels, Ryngrim's Enervating Terror, Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage when bloodied

  • Neck - Claim and Refusal Modal ability: +10% damage taken from Melee attacks, +15 damage with Melee attacks

  • Chest - Casità Samelia's Legacy +Deflection that increases with Intimidate skill

  • Ring 1 - Entonia Signet Ring Entonia Signet Ring: +3 All Defenses when Engaged (Stack 5 times)

  • Ring 2 - Ring of Focused Flame 10 accuracy with fire attacks

  • Boots - Boots of the Stone +1 Dexterity, +1 Resolve, Resistance to Might afflictons

  • Belt - The Maker's Own Power Reforge the flesh; The wearer transforms into a stationary pillar of steel, reducing incoming damage and restoring health

  • Gloves - Gatecrashers Slugger: +2 Might, 50% chance to knock targets down on Critical Hit/Reeling Blow: Cone attack that pushes and stuns target (2 per rest) or Onepahua's Strength +2 Might, + 2 Intimidate

  • Cloak - Cloak of Greater Deflection +7 Deflection

  • Pet - Nalvi (Dog): Reduce recover Penalty for armor (varies by type) - Party Wide


  • Coral Snuff +10% action speed, +5 Deflection, +5 Reflex for 180 sec

  • Grog (Deadfire) +15% Damage with Melee attacks, -1 Dexterity

  • Potion of Improved Arcane Reflection (Against Casters)

  • Potion of Insubstantial Form (Against Melee)

Core Abilities:

  • Faith and Conviction: +All defenses scales with disposition

  • Enduring Beacon: Blind enemies, + Deflection

  • Sacred Immolation: AoE DoT around caster

  • Mirrored Image: + Deflection buff

  • Riposte: Counterattack when opponent misses in melee

  • Offensive Parry (Whispers of the Endless Path enchant): Counterattack when opponent misses in melee

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