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i am fairly new and cant find any information on this but the only thing i am missing in my party right now is a good crowd control so i want to make a ranged wizard that does this any help would be greatly appreciated i mainly need help with spells and grimoire but equipment ideas would be helpful as well

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I recommend wizard/priest of skaen for that. Or a Wizard/chanter - but with chanter would require more defensive stats since they have to be in the frontline to cc while a priest/wizard can be in the back or midfield and throw aoe spells and you have more variety in types of spells you can use as wizard/priest for every situation.

You want to multiclass to get the advantage of multiple extra casts per encounter playing a multiclass instead of solo wizard though. An in priest you take fire offensive spells that also debuff the enemy while doing some fire damage, interdiction etc.  


This is a good guide to building up a wizard/priest



built correctly wizard/priest is a very and very flexible cc/support caster. 




my 2nd favorite spec is geomancer (wizard/ranger) for cc duty. Maia can fill that role actually. You use ranger accuracy bonuses and abilities that gives rangers bonus accuracy vs single targets and throw debuffs on the enemy that way which always hit because you have very high accuracy through ranger. 


but overall I like wizard/priest slightly more because it has insane versatility and adaptability for every situation.  

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ok thanks i usually prefer single class for my watcher so i can get power up fast since i multiclass my companions but maybe i will try priest wizard although i am using xoti already but she is built dps so i dont think it will be too redundant eh after looking at the dispositions i dont really want to have to be a **** as skaen as that will piss off my companions would berath or eothas work? and maia is already my single target dps as a scout i plan on using eder(swashbuckler) pallegina(crusader) aloth(wizard) xoti(priest) maia(scout) aloth gets on my nerves so i swap him and maia around a lot but is there a good grimoire with a lot of debuff spells as everyone seems to only talk about naungauths teachings which is dps and i plan on giving to aloth anyway

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They changed how wizards learn spells and use a grimoire. You dont learn spells from grimoires in PoE2 like you did in PoE1. You are much more limited in spell selection, but the upside is that grimoires let you almost take no wizard spells as you level if you multiclass. They multi very well if you plan which grimoires you will use.

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CC spells to look for:




Thrust of Tattered Veils.  Once you learn what the little icons appearing over enemies (particularly enemy spellcasters) mean, and which ones suck the most, this will give you a very fast "no, not that" button.  Interrupts are underrated CC.  I regret it whenever I'm in a party without this.

Chill Fog.  Tekehu's version is better (foe only), but it's still quite good.  Hidden benefit: blind enemies have the range of their abilities halved.  Cast on the enemy backline, and they'll come to you.

Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights.  Cripples enemy PEN.




Miasma of Dull Mindedness.  Huge hit to enemy defenses and accuracy.

Binding Web.  Situational, but lots of big-ugly-type enemies lack both ranged attacks and good REF defenses.  This can totally neutralize them.

Curse of B.S.  Probably not worthwhile if you have access to Tekehu Chill Fog.  But, otherwise, it's a decent foe-only debuff that you can hit the enemy front-line with.




Expose Vulnerabilities.  Essential for high-armor enemies.  (Which, on PotD, is everything.)

Arduous Delay of Motion.  Not essential, but it takes a good bite out of enemy action speed, which is nice.

R's Repulsive Visage.  Essential for melee wizards.  Back-liners less so, but still worth getting just because Terrified is so strong.

Arcane Dampener.  It is sometimes necessary to undo enemy buffs before you can hit 'em with the good stuff.




Pull of Eora.  Groups enemies nicely for nuking. 

M's Writing Tentacles. 

N's Shadowflame.  It's good, but it's only available in 1 Grimoire, which otherwise isn't great for CC.




A's Wondrous Torment.  Similar to Miasma, above, but a foe-only bouncer.

R's Enervating Terror.  Recently nerfed.  Still valuable.  As above, Terrify is just that good.

Call to Slumber.  More viable now with the nerf to R's ET.




A's Capricious Hex.  Huge Foe AoE, but effects unpredictable.  Good opener for boarding battles. 

Gaze of the Adragan.


The Grimoire of Disruption is pretty good.  It's a random drop at Ruined Towers (and, I think, for sale in Tikawara?).  The Battle-Worn Grimoire (for sale in Port Maje) is a decent place to start-- good balance between damage and control, without much extraneous stuff.

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