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Do you wanna join the circle of Archmagi?

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I do, I was expecting them to reject me when the option came up but seeing as how we're getting a DLC that involves them I'm hoping the Watcher has the option to join. No, I don't care if it's purely a text thing and has no gameplay ramifications.


Also, anyone know which spellcasting classes get to join? I was playing a wizard at the time so naturally enough the option to ask was there.


Also, guesses as to what stars are gonna wind up being in this universe?

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I think the Circle is a wizards only club lore-wise, but apparently other classes also get to ask if they may join, and Arkemyr refuses them with the same arguments he uses for wizards, not because they are a different class. So who knows.


I would love to see my wizard join them, but realistically I'm not sure this should happen. The Circle are the most powerful archmages in Eora who have entire schools of magic named after them, and we, as renown as we might be as a watcher, are never stated to be a particularly strong representative of our class (whatever that class may be). 

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I was surprised my Fighter had the dialogue choice of asking if he could join the Circle of Archmagi


Um, what?


So of course I pick it. I found it disappointing not that I was rejected, but that the reason for my rejection was generic and had nothing to do with the fact I wasn't even playing a Wizard! Instead Arkymyr chokingly mentions how you broke into his manor, which you have to do in order to progress to that point. Sigh


I think they took trying to not leave anyone out too far

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I feel like the Watcher should just form his own magic club which will be much more awesome than the one with the folks responsible for most of the spells you use.

The first rule of the club is you can't use any of those spells.

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