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After playing around with the AI behavior editor for a while, I've been able to get my party to do most of what I want them to do own their own. I've actually needed the help of the mod on Nexus that gives more options though, like checking if a Cipher's focus is maxed. I actually have several suggestions to make the editor better but most of them are kinda petty or have already been mentioned in other threads in the past, so I will only mention what I consider a major suggestion here. 


There needs to be an option to continuously check the conditions while an ability or spell is being cast.


For example, I've made Aloth cast Thrust of Tattered Veils on any enemy spellcaster who is currently casting a spell to interrupt them. It triggers perfectly but there is a major problem. If the enemy spellcaster finishes casting the spell before Aloth finishes his recovery time and casts Thrust of Tattered Veils, then there is no point in Aloth using this spell and it's wasted. However, if there is an option to continuously check the conditions, Aloth can keep evaluating while he is waiting to use it and cancel the action if the enemy finishes casting first.


I also have this same problem with telling Eder to use Knock Down (or Mule Kick) on anyone using an ability or spell in melee range to interrupt them, although it's not as big a deal in this case since those are not as limited as spell casts.


I have one other situation where this can be very helpful. I have everyone setup to use Second Wind when their health goes below 50%. I also have Xoti using healing spells on allies and my Paladin using Lay on Hands on allies. The problem is sometimes someone will receive healing from one person and then like a second later receive healing from someone else when they didn't need it. Again, if they could keep checking the conditions, they would realize that someone else healed that character. The character would now have more than 50% health and they could cancel the healing spell cast since the conditions are no longer met.


There are plenty of other situations where this could be helpful but I've rambled long enough already. I just wanted to get across (helpfully to a developer) how useful this could be. I imagine this option could simply be a small toggle on each action like the Allow Break Engagement toggle.

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