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Pictures of your Games 11 - The Quickening

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One last time.

Fighting your waifu...




"Hesitation is defeat"




Looking forward to the DLC and hopefully a sequel. :)

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I finally got my Flawless Hykarian Raider Armor crafted:


It weighs me down quite a bit, but the damage reduction is really great. Between the armor and the 200 snake arrows I'm packing, I feel confident to venture out into parts unknown.

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I decided to make the trip to Sepermeru. It's a long way from my base, but I was well armed and prepared


I had to go past the Unnamed City to get there. I've been inside there before, briefly. It's pretty scary.


I decided to go around the edge of the ruined city rather than through it. Finally I reached the gates of Sepermeru:



I decided to dance with some of the locals:


Target practice:


Sepermeru at night:


There are some people to talk to in Sepermeru that will fill in the story for you a bit, including Conan:



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Can't go wrong with a scrabble knock-off app. Several hours  wasted.


Digital jigsaw puzzles? It's pretty great, a lot more fun than I was expecting, no table space/mess required! Plus this app lets me make ones from ANY PICTURE I want from within the tablet gallery. Can go up to 450 pieces (harder than it sounds, the pieces get really tiny/hard to see). Other apps had up to 1000 pieces but I liked this app better and that's overkill on a tablet imo. Wonder if the touch-screen will survive it. Several, several hours wasted.


And finally, after trying several others (that all sucked) I finally found the slots app for me. I've confirmed it's good I don't live near Vegas. I don't know why slots are so addicting (in BL2 I pulled those slots for hours, in the IRL Vegas the old nickel slots...). I basically OCD'd on this one all weekend like a trained monkey hitting a button to get a banana chip. Eventually spent a few bucks for some boosts (they went on sale) but mostly just watched a zillion ads while doing other tasks. And (mostly) auto-play slot pulls while you're making lunch. Getting a little bored of it now but it's a keeper.



Between that and a few other games I think I'm fairly set for killing-boredom "app" games. One doesn't need a lot of them.

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“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts

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I'm going full melkathi Mordenheim on this thread and spamming it with Conan Exiles pics. :fdevil:

I took a different route home from Sepermeru and did some sightseeing along the way. I call the one in the center Middle Finger Rock:



Those are some creepy looking trees:


Those tall jagged spires in the distance are definite contenders for the building site of my future ultimate fortress. I'll have to take a closer look in the future, but that looks like a rather perilous trip, so no just yet.


That sure is a handy monument:


Hmm, that looks kinda ominous. Let's take a closer look...


Nope. Nope. Nope.


I killed about a dozen Darfari cannibals in this place, wandered closer to the central... altar? Saw at least 20 more Darfari, and decided to leave well enough alone... For now.



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