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Pictures of your Games 11 - The Quickening

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Guild Wars 2... I love the desert maps. Well, most of them anyway. The Elon river valley and estuary area is gorgeous in-game. My little Asura engineer gliding upstream on his skimmer mount (effectively a "hovercraft")



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Mrs Fortune smiled at me this evening! Within minutes, I ran into two menagerie goblins, so I have now had the opportunity to take two more pets for a spin:


Phantom Hannah:



-It has this disproportional left arm movement swiping over and over, like certain enemy ghosts, and this repeats itself in a short loop that got under my skin pretty quickly

-It hovers pretty neatly, but it's hard to make out most of the time. You got those brass shoulder pads and an odd headpiece tagging along, crowning a blue glowing torn sheet, which is unassuming

-It's slightly better than the Malfeasant Ghost, but that's just by a hair!



The One That Can't Be Mentioned:



-Well, it's a cow, but it's like one hundred times better than the Darkening of Tristam cow, the Cow Queen!

-Yet another pet that moves like an NPC, and it moves almost the same as the Lady Sheep pet.

-Instead of charging with a sword, it's sorta rallying my character by waving her weird spear

-It's easier to see and even more colourful, literally and figuratively, than the Lady Sheep

-Personally, I rank this, currently, as my no 4, just after the very neat Pierce Horsey

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