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Suppressed Iselmyr Aloth: Iselmyr appears in conversation



Happens in the middle of the conversation triggered by Aloth disposition for Tekehu reaching -2. 


Watcher-"He's loud and boastful, and you don't like that."

Aloth-"Well, of course not."

Watcher-"Remind you of Iselmyr?"

Aloth-"Fye, nae half so pretty."

Aloth-"Please. Iselmyr may be uncouth, but at least she has some mettle."


This doesn't seem right. Iselmyr freely interrupting a dialogue, and the thing being casually ignored, doesn't seem appropriate for a suppressed-Iselmyr-Aloth.


Savegame just before the conversation:

Edited by Suen

I've come to burn your kingdom down

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