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How do I get rid of the Intro music when starting the game?

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I like to play with mods so often I'll have to open the game multiple times to make sure that none of them conflict with each others.


By this point, I've been driven mad by the string orchestra that starts with the logo.


Prior to patch 1.1, I've been using GoG Galaxy's command line prompt to add the -nointro and -skipintro argument but it seems to have stopped working.


I'm asking if there's another solution to this, because right now I'm tempted to just delete the whole audio.unity3d file just to never hear that stupid intro again.

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I find this stuff annoying too


I wanna skip directly to character creation


I looked for intro stuff but more likely they're the prologue ones


I'm busy tomoz working out chars starting locations so will look at this when I have a spare mo in the next few days


I noticed some skip stuff so this looks hopeful

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OK Fair warning has been applied


I'm gonna move the domain to https://perspak.com early Feb but will keep all content


There are reasons behind this move which basically boil down to unifying my release schedule


My friends are welcome to play (I'll set you up your own areas if you desire them)


Please note that this process is messy so may take a few weeks 

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