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So I hit a huge mob of enemies with confusion...everyone is 'confused' but it doesn't seem to do a damn thing. They keep on attacking the previously 'locked on' target for the entire duration. They even cast buffs on themselves and active abilities against me then go back to attacking. 


I also tested it before a fight began. I confused nearly the entire group of enemies...they just mad a bee line to my wizard and slaughtered him. They casted buffs, spells, everything. After the wizard was butchered they never attacked one of their own, even though all the rest of my party were in stealth far away.


I really fail to see the value of this spell anymore when compared to the original PoE. I don't think it's working as intended at all, and if it is, I fail to see what it's doing. 


The 'fear' spell at level 5 actually does something...confusion, nope, worthless.

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Read the status description - Confuse now basically means 'friendly fire', not that they will go nuts and attack people randomly.


I certainly agree, though, that this change makes confusion well nigh useless. Terrify is the new best condition.

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If the dev has temetrie on what spells are picked by players, I bet noone will pick confusion spells...


I think they shall change the name 'Confused' to something else, and add another tier 2 INT affliction Confused, which bring back the PoE 1 version of it.


Same as Petrified, they shall change it to a tier 4 affliction instead of making it same as Paralyzed.

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The only case when I ever payed any attention to the confused status was when my berserker/fighter crit cleaved Eder which led to the party wipe and reload.


PS Does anybody know why cleave always registers 3 hits with dual wield? 

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Enemy encounters can be designed to take advantage of friendly fire to begin with, and often are, like a bunch of fighters with tower shields backed up by evokers or druids.  Confusion as a CC is pretty useless compared to how it was in PoE.. 


But don't worry because there's a replacement, and that's terrify.  Of course Terrify isn't as available as confusion, so it's still an overall nerf.  A wizard gets good terrify spells at 3rd and 5th tiers, but used to have confusion spells useful from tier 1 on.  Still you can use chill fog/slicken as your tier 1 Debuff/CCs, Curse of Blackened sight at tier 2, Pull of Eora at tier 4.


In general they're just as good as they used to be with CC.  My biggest gripe is that the tier 5 terrify overshadows the tier 6 gaze of the adragan, or tier 7 chaotic orb.


Perhaps the change was because of Illusion based priest and rogue subclasses?

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