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My build is better than yours!


(But yours are more popular since they start with sexy pictures).


(Marketing, marketing, marketing).


HAHAHAHAHA. No your build is just boring and it's been done before. It will take a loooooong time for brand enemy to kill enemies while you are stealthed and hiding somewhere. Dunehunter here suggested before to actually use more damage over time abilities that last for the whole combat. I forgot exactly what abilities he suggested using but if you want to optimize your build, go talk to him. 





No, no, no. You don't stealth. You stand there and watch the enemies futilely try to kill you.  And then flop and die.  That's the fun of it.


You don't need Brand Enemy.  The idea is to make the ultimate tank (Dragon Thrashed, Summons and Soft Winds of Death can kill pretty much everything over time).  


Brand Enemy just speeds fights up.


Turn game speed to max and watch them die.  


When you've got enough damage reduction and armor that everyone hits you for an average 6 health/hit and you're regening 6 health/sec, there's not much that can kill you, at which point all you need is some DPS to eventually kill them all.  


Anywho, I'm jealous.  Grrrrrrrrr.

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I wanna stay away from drugs for RP purposes, will doing a no subclass monk affect the build at all?


Are you going to play this in a party? If so, Helwaker is the best option even beating Nalpazca. If you are going to play solo, then no subclass monk is best if you can't Nalpazca :) 

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Does the loss of burn damage from the Turning Wheel changes in 4.1.0 gimp this build too hard or can it still hold up on it's own because all we really wanted from it was the Int?

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I judge it by my single class mortar monk: the important part is the INT. The lash was pretty nice though. But the important part is Stunning Surge and Flagellant's Path with big AoE, not the lash.

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