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Even after patches, still getting black screens.



I thought after the latest patches and updates to Nvidia drivers this might have helped but I am still suffering issues. I am having my GPU driver crash on a regular basis in-game, most often while leveling up or navigating menus. The driver recovers but the screen stays black. This happens on every GPU driver I've attempted to use so far, before and after game patches as well. The issue seems to be isolated entirely within PoE 2 as I haven't had any issues with a number of other games I have tested, including other Unity games.


This forum won't let me upload my save game because it is too large so I am just placing it in here...




There are no crash logs being generated at this time.


I've tried multiple drivers for the GPU but it doesn't seem to affect the outcome. I also went through and updated most of my other drivers as well. I didn't have any issues with the first game but it has been ongoing with this one, sadly.


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