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Long Pain looks sexy, guns are cool.


In terms of which class to pair it with..or maybe not?


Does anyone have any opinions?


If I'm going helwalker, then, Paladin seems like a good choice due to it's defensive options.

Rogue has a more active defense? Not sure if it offers more DPS than Paladin, or at least enough to put up with much less defenses.

Zerker? Zerker is Zerker right, it's just goood - but, could melt quickly.



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Paladin's Flames of Devotion ability is a full attack ability, meaning both weapons are used; it also works with ranged weapons. In addition, paladins (both single and multi-class) get an ability that can restore Zeal on kill. In addition, they get boosted defenses (constrained by choosing/avoiding dialogue options that fit/don't fit the order you choose), a (self-)heal ability (presuming you don't choose Shieldbearers), and more.


Rogue might also be another interesting option for several full-attack abilities, as well as mobility and stealth options.


Ranger provides accuracy bonuses, Wounding Shot (IIRC, also a full attack), hit-to-crit conversion if you use the Sharpshooter class, and an ability that, when upgraded, removes 30 seconds from any buff on the target.


I don't know if Barbarian's carnage works with The Long Pain, at least not without the melee-range upgrade. The answer to that question might affect the build's viability for much of the game. Still, Frenzy provides a damage and speed boost, as well as a CON boost. Of course, the first two can be nearly replicated with Swift Strikes and Thunderous Blows.


Chanter might be a slightly counter-intuitive, if interesting choice. Chanter has the Sure-Handed chant, which reduces recovery for ranged weapons, as well as varied invocations that can stun, paralyze, summon, buff, and more.

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I just had a thought where you could use instruments of pain along with the gun/sword combo that synergize with each other...   don't recall their names atm, might be kind of cool.


My first choice for ranged monk is always Nalpazca due to their wounds generation.  Using sword and gun together would limit your options when it comes to which classes would best take advantage of the fact you can only do primary attacks.  Cipher would work well, would be like my Transcendent build except with a gun instead of a scepter.  You could just dual wield the guns but then you couldn't use Force of anguish, torment's reach, and skyward kick.  You could dual wield the guns then swap to the long pain when you want to use monk abilities.


Most caster classes would be pretty good to multi with for the gun/sword combo.  Like going troubadour would give you a chant that increases your gun reload speed and another that adds fire damage to your attacks, with plenty of options for invocations.  

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