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Request: Visual Effects Size Scaling/Transformation

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I've been toying with Visual Effects on spells and items for the past few days and haven't found a way to do this quite yet. If it turns out I am just an idiot, and there is a way to manipulate the scaling of visual effects, please point me toward it.


For example:

"VisualEffect": "prefabs/effects/abilities/priest/fx_spiritual_weapon_eothas.prefab",


This is a really neat looking visual effect! Unfortunately, it's small size and spherical shape limit its use. 


I think a few parameters, similar to "EmissiveGlowScale", allowing us to scale the Height and Width (and Depth if they're actual 3D elements) could go a long way. Something like EffectHeight and EffectWidth, or even a simpler EffectScale parameter would allow modders to re-use visual effects, and maintain the visual themes created by Obsidian.


Using the above example effect, we could expand the enchanting recipes to bless swords with visually represented eothasian-themed buffs, and not look like a skewered twinkling baseball!

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