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Curious, why didn't you release pillars as 1.1?

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the game DID have a lot of easily avoided dialogue bugs, that were entirely noticeable (but apparently forgotten?) by pretty much everyone who played the game from start to finish, including myself.

and by dialogue bugs, I mean serious things like quests getting reset, etc.

there's a reason I make hundreds of saves when I play an obsidian game.

that said, unlike PoE1, this time I WAS able to backtrack, maneuver around the bugs, and finish the game.  which made it considerably better as a release than PoE1 was, and thus continues obsidian's slow but steady progress towards finally releasing a game that doesn't have any significant bugs in it.

bottom line there is noticeable progress, and that, is a good thing.




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The game was already pushed back for a bit once; what reactions do you think a second delay would have caused?


Are the negative reactions from pushing back the game more damaging than releasing the game in a buggy, unbalanced, unpolished state?


I don't think there's anything worse than releasing your game in such a state, but there may be more to it than meets the eye, I suppose.

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Well I guess that I have to ask what caused you to release this game too early. Not enough funding? Wanting to just get done with it? I figured you'd have enough funding. If there was proper funding then there's no hard time constraints right?


Seeing what you did with 1.1 and seeing free dlc being pumped out. The game will just continue to get better. And 1.1 was a huge leap forward in itself.


The method you used here seems to be a method of self harm? I imagine if you had a more complete game at release then the initial surge of fanfare would have carried sales further as it becomes almost a viral meme or something.


I don't get it. I love the game though.

I played it through as 1.0 and it was still a great game. Every game will always have a 1.1 patch...

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