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Why does Silver Tides (Moon Godlike Passive) Heal enemies?



Is it intentional that silver tides heals enemies when in combat? I ran a PotD Berserker Moon godlike and i assumed that my silver tides would only effect me and my allies, but instead it made the run exceptionally harder as during fights my heal would bring my enemies back from the brink of death during the really hard fights, and because barbs need high intellect i was healing the whole battlefield. I don't know if its a bug with Frenzy's confusion, but it doesn't seem fair to have it work as such a harsh double edged blade. Not only can i hurt my friends but i can literally help mobs? I hope this is a glitch. I'm 40 hours into the run and its balanced itself out now that my characters are stronger, but the first 10 levels were a nightmare on top of the patches to difficulty (which i'm happy with but i digress). High might+high intellect+3 heals per fight makes for punishing gameplay. Please change this.

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 In the description of the Berserker Frenzy penalties you gain confusion, your attacks and abilities are friend or foe.its not an ability you activate its a passive. Enemies shouldn't gain the effect of silver tides because they to don't benefit from any of the other passives barbs get when under the effects of confusion. For role playing effect its like you are too wild in how you fight and deal damage. That makes perfect sense. It doesn't make any sense based on what the debuff is supposed to do or from a role playing perspective why Silver tides should heal enemies, in an aoe, every time you pass a damage threshold as a barb. Like i said it makes almost no difference later but it heals for 15 to 20 points of health with high might early game which is devastating. If its just me that's done this and thinks its unfair then fine. I would like others to try out the build and see if it doesn't feel like an added layer of difficulty. If the heal was a cast spell i would understand, but i took moon godlike to warn me during combat when i hit a threshold (hurt,bloodied,near death) so don't have to count numbers since hp is gone during frenzy.

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