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Noobs don't play PoTD. I guess this makes by far the majority of players "noobs".

Sometimes people take playing games waaay to seriously. Playing PoTD may give ingame achievements but, well they don't mean anything. I wish people would stop acting as if playing a game on the hardest level is some achievement in itself. Part of the issue is the incredibly condescending attitude to other players who don't live up to their ridiculous expectations. Hence the term "noobs" as if these people are somehow complete failures in life....


BTW the gaming industry wouldn't exist if not for the "noobs"

The percentage of hard core gamers is tiny, and certainly not able to support the industry in any way.

So it makes perfect sense for companies to pay more attention to the noobs than anyone else.

I'm not looking down on noobs I am saying don't balance PotD difficulty (which noobs don't play) around them.


At the moment the balance in this game is a complete joke.


Almost every single build is basically a auto attack base which may or may not have some magical support.


Only two builds attack attack through spells: Chanters and Ciphers. Even then its only indirectly.


Guess what people are calling nerfs for? Chanters and Ciphers.


So all we end up with is 10000 Barb/Monk/Pal clone builds that just auto attack.


Man that sounds so exciting.

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It seems that people want to make the chanter class into a 3rd tier buffer that you would dip into for hireling and never want to roll for the warden.

Well look at Wizard, Cipher, Priest and Druid now. Thats exactly what we are going to get.


The only spells that get used are support spells.

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Wizards: Known for not casting spells?

Not attack spells. At the moment Wizard is used for:


A) self buff armour/def spells and then melee


B) Chillfog on target so you can then melee


People laugh at the idea of a Sorceror and I don't blame them. Look at the screen shots above at the big Ogre's defences. Targetting Will or Fort is going to much harder then just meleeing it to death.

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I want to do summoning exclusively but the drawbacks from the Beckoner class seems to actually hinder the summoning of pets. The BASE duration of summons is reduced by 33% affecting intelligence bonuses as well. At 20 Intelligence, the Beckoner summons two Phantoms of 12s each while a Troubadour summons one stronger Phantom of 18s duration.


The Beckoners summon health is DRASTICALLY reduced by ~75% per summon. A Troubadours Phantom has 50 Health, the Beckoners 2 Phantoms each have measly 13 Health. At Level 20, skeletons are summoned with 185 HP for Troubadour and 43 HP (23%) for Beckoner. Dragons are summoned with 1.840 HP for Troubadour and 339 HP (18%) for Beckoner. Summon Duration is always only 2/3 for Beckoner.


Additionally, the difference gets bigger, the more Phrases are required to cast a summon:
- 3 base Phrases, Beckoner = 24s = 4 Phrases x 6s, Troubadour = 12s = 4 Phrases x 3s
- 4 base Phrases, Beckoner = 30s = 5 Phrases x 6s, Troubadour = 15s = 5 Phrases x 3s
- 5 base Phrases, Beckoner = 36s = 6 Phrases x 6s, Troubadour = 18s = 6 Phrases x 3s
- 6 base Phrases, Beckoner = 42s = 7 Phrases x 6s, Troubadour = 21s = 7 Phrases x 3s
- 7 base Phrases, Beckoner = 48s = 8 Phrases x 6s, Troubadour = 24s = 8 Phrases x 3s

The Great Wyrm Flew O'er the Mountains, 7 Phrases, 20 intelligence:
- Beckoner: can cast every 48s, two 18% health dragons for 25s
- Troubadour: can cast every 24s, one 100% health dragon for 37,5s

Therefore, Troubadours can have one 100% health Dragon up permanently with a second in reserve if the first 100% health Dragon gets killed, while Beckoners can have two 25% health Dragons up for only 50% of the time, if at all because 25% health Dragons will surely die much more often. The Abjuration Immunity also went down the drain.

Troubadours are simply the better summoning subclass. The drawback is that the linger is removed, but Im still able to have one phrase constantly up and running. The Beckoner needs to put maximum focus on gear that raises intelligence and duration bonuses while being hindered in doing so (BASE duration drawback). At the same time Troubadours can cast all other high level invocations much faster as well and can flexibly change to a passive, linger-focused build.

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Think outside of your "summons are for tanking" box. A Beckoner's summons are for damage dealing, not tanking. And they're pretty good at it.


They can't do damage if they're a) dead or b) not on the field. See Falk Schütze's post above.

How can anyone in their right mind try to ship a multimillion dollar product without making absolutely sure that they don't upset all their players with a degree in Medieval English Linguistics?

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