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Hey there!

I could need an advice to complete my Party (non companion) in a POTD game. My PC is a tanky Paladin, I think a second good Fighter as a tank would fit well. I like barbarians (probably dual wield interrupt or blade of endless paths) as meele DDs and I'll need a priest. So there are two free slots. Because In never played a rogue, I thought about taking one, but 4 meele chars seems to bei too many, while fighting between doors and walls?! I'm playing with both WM expansions, if this does matter.


In my last hard playthrough I had nearly the same composition, filled it Up with Aloth and the Druid (cant spell his name correctly) and would like to have different classes in my POTD playthrough, even if I liked them both.


Would be happy for an advice.

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If you want to bring more melee characters like a Rogue and/or Barbarian just swap to a ranged weapon if you're fighting in cramped quarters and have your tanks stand in front. This is much less of an issue in the WM areas since they're mostly a lot more open.


Wizards and Druids are the two best classes in the game IMO; so they're usually a safe pick on any run. They're not necessary but any means though. I'd even argue that two suck out any real challenge once they start getting their 3rd-level spells.

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I would recommend Wizard and Druid.

Wizard for versatility/CC/debuffs/AoE damage/selfbuffs and Chill Fog early on.

Druid for the Storms and generally even more CC/debuffs/AoE damage.


Rogue doesn't have to be melee BTW.

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Done with Moon Godlike Wizard

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