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Berserker/Streetfighter Build: Galawain's Hunter (Feedback Appreciated!)

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I'm rolling around POTD in a similar build


10 Might
16 Con
08 Dexterity
18 Perception
13 Intellect
13 Resolve
That's not counting Berath's Blessing or bonuses from the Legacy.  This is my 'Armed Clown' playthrough and so far it's been going swimmingly even if birds have defecated on me profusely.  Have gotten through the starting island and am on my way to Neketaka without too much issue.  Had to do a couple reloads on G-Street and the Ruins, but after figuring out various ways to pull the groups apart instead of taking it all on the chin it's been smooth sailing.  First attempt at POTD without having tried it prior to 1.1.  Oddly, my Marauder is the only one to have NOT gotten knocked out so far.
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Just wanted to share a screenshot with lucky hit.












So, I wanted to share what I think is going to be my finalized build here!


12 Might (10+2)

12 Con (1+1)

10 Dexterity (9+1)

18 Perception ( 8 )

18 Intellect (8 points)

10 Resolve (9+1)


No bonus INT from Nature Godlike, but I can dump Dex and Resolve down a little bit and still maintain average stats from racial/culture bonuses. Maxed Perception and Intellect for affliction duration/Carnage AoE radius, and Might can easily be brought up. 


Constitution is effectively 14 in regards to health gain due to Gift of the Machine and sacrificing Durance (Who certainly has enough resentment to make Skaen very happy, and I'm sure there's some sort of cosmic joke in there about giving a servant of Magran to one of Woedica's allies)


As for abilities...


Level 1 - Frenzy and Crippling Strike

Level 2 - Escape 

Level 3 - Blooded

Level 4 - Blinding Strike and Barbaric Blow

Level 5 - Thick Skin

Level 6 - Dirty Fighting

Level 7 - Arterial Strike and Bloodlust

Level 8 - Two-Weapon Style

Level 9 - Confounding Blind

Level 10 - Persistent Distraction and Spirit Frenzy

Level 11 - Adept Evasion

Level 12 - One Stands Alone 

Level 13 - Barbaric Smash and Deep Wounds

Level 14 - Interrupting Blows 

Level 15 - Unflinching 

Level 16 - Withering Strike and Improved Critical 

Level 17 - Brute Force

Level 18 - Slippery Mind

Level 19 - Deathblows and Spirit Tornado

Level 20 - Blood Thirst 


Still not fully sure about that level 18 talent, but all of the rest are pretty much locked in at this point. I'm also still debating weapons. I really want to use Modwyr and something else for the sake of flavor, so I'll probably end up doing that. Plus I sacrificed a lot to get that 18 Intellect, so dropping it down to 13 just seems wrong somehow. 


Does anyone have any good neck slot recommendations or would it still be a good idea to go with the Protective Eothasian Charm? 

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Min's Fortune wasn't a bad placeholder midgame to go with the talking Annoying Blade; https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Min's+Fortune


I still think that early neck with the DR when low is good for this build, the one from G street well. 


She's not annoying! She just has abandonment issues. Or something. 

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