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A few questions on accuracy/recovery/stats.

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As the topic goes:


1. Afaik melee weapons/range weapons/implements do no affect accuracy. Is that right?

2. Does it make a difference wether I use 1h or 2x 1h weapons or +shield? Since a single 1h weapon adds a significant bonus to accuracy (weapon itself does not affect it, for example, but is a single weapon accuracy bonus added to casters accuracy?). 

3. Does an ability to reduce recovery (-15%) when using 2x 1hand weapons affect casters?

4. Do weapon bonuses on crit chance/damage affect spells?

5. Does a shield affect accuracy?

6. Do cast-able weapons affect accuracy?

7. In PoE2 you can stack attribute points. Like you can eat, drink, pot, buff, use shrine, sleep in the Inn and get your resolve, for example from 3 to 18. It wasn't possible in PoE1 afaik. Highest bonus would suppress all the smaller bonuses. Isn't it a little OP?

8. So recovery bonus of -20% makes it 10->8 sec recovery. And action time bonus makes it 10->8 sec attack. Does it affect cast times?

9. Are there any benefits in using 1 h-hand, 2x 1-hand, 2-hand, 1-hand + shield, range, implements (+shield)?

As far as I could see it for myself: 

- Any weapon, melee or range just adds some extra dmg to a mage when s/he is not casting. They don't affect spell-casting.

- shield adds to the tank but reduces accuracy

- implements is nothing special except they might add a few spells here and there but so do some weapons. Generally weapons (range for casters most of the time) are usually more powerful dps and alfa strike wise.

- now I primarily use small shield and range weapon with the most benefits. Sometime med/large shield is a very good option if you primarily summon (chanter) and heal (resto druid) where accuracy does not matter. Does it make sense or I have got it wrong?


Thank you in advance.


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