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I'm a little confused on one plot device, Xoti, when i first finished the Engwithan dig sight and the souls wanted to come with me, xoti asks to harvest them, so they don't all come with me, going forward i get the impression im splitting my beliefs in two by taking some souls and having her take some, is that the wrong way to look at it? Did I miss something key?

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You're the Herald of Berath, so they're drawn to you, and look to you for guidance. 
They're following you to rejoin the wheel, and be reborn. 


Xoti has a tiny piece of living adra in her lantern that will house the souls. But that in and of itself doesn't recycle them. 
If you keep traveling with her you'll have to do more about that. 


You're not at cross purposes because Xoti is only holding the souls, not actually doing anything with them (yet.)

Magran's fire casts light in Dark Places...

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Yeah you are looking at it the wrong way, but it isn't really your fault because the game doesn't really explain it either.


You are not intended to get every soul yourself.  Some souls wont even spawn of Xoti isn't there.  In fact, you aren't even really meant to be doing that in the first place, you just can as the herald of Berath.  That said, Xoti is heralding the souls into the afterlife, and you are sort of keeping them inside you.  Either way they ultimately end up back in the system which is fine by Berath, so there is no real conflict.   

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Souls aren't drawn to you because you're the Herald of Berath, they're drawn to you because you're a Watcher:


Lost souls, who otherwise navigate the world in blindness, see Watchers as beacons of light and hope. Among Watchers, it is common for souls to trail in their wake like an ethereal caravan.


Though lost souls are invisible to average people, it is understood that they congregate around Watchers and adra pillars, the only beacons that stand out in their state of nonexistence.


There was absolutely a conflict with Xoti's motivations. She started out with the intention to keep them from the Beyond, she just couldn't bear the burden. It was weird you couldn't tell her you wouldn't stand for it.

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Xoti originally wanted to keep the souls until Eothas returned to the Beyond. Harboring them is messing with her mind, so she eventually has to release them or go nuts. You need Xoti around if you want to collect all the lingering souls, since some of them won't follow you.

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