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Which sidekick would you most want to see become a full companion in a future Pillars game or DLC?


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  1. 1. Which sidekick would you most want to see become a full companion in a future Pillars game or DLC?

    • Fassina
    • Konstanten
    • Mirke
    • Rekke
    • Ydwin

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How about all of them and more. The game has far too few companions to form a different group with similar setup each time. I'm going to go ahead and grab the BG series as a comparison yet again. In that series you have a multitude of characters with the same classes, but different alignment so you can pick your party around your playing style. This is much more rewarding. Of course it would also force more spoken parts, but yeah I think it is worth it. Give me three priests, three ciphers, three fighters and so on all with different background and drive and I'm all over that. I'm sure many of you would be. Replayability ahoy.

The issue there is that companions in the Baldur's Gate games aren't really all that fleshed out across the board (or at all if you look back at the first game). The more correct comparison would be Planescape: Torment in this case, and that game for example has half as many characters, yet clearly places its emphasis on depth over breadth instead. Similarly several other games that fancied themselves spiritual successors opted for less companions that were more fleshed out and reactive instead (see the Dragon Age games, Pillars, Neverwinter Nights 2, etc).

The issue with your statement is that you limit your choice for this game to how another game implemented it. In my proposal all characters are fleshed out.
In that case I hope you have plenty of money to throw at Obsidian and a willingness to wait at least 7-8 years for them to finish writing all their companions, because it'd be a hot mess otherwise.
I like the way you think of everything as a roadblock.


The topic asks what you would like to see. I post what I like to see and here come the people complaining on why it cannot be done. Lol. Classic.

Explain, not complain. I don't think anyone here has anything against your proposition as an ideal - heck, I'd love it if it were possible - but have merely pointed out why it's not feasible. Resources are limited so one usually has to opt between depth or breadth. Sidekicks came around precisely as a compromise in order to offer a larger roster, yet as you see in practice, they hardly could be fleshed out to the same degree even a Baldur's Gate companion could.

Sigh, if everyone in the world would limit their thinking the way you guys are doing then we wouldn't have airplanes, computers, movies and video games right now. 


Seriously though, you throw the lack of funds at me as if it is an undisputable fact that there is no way around. Come on. What if. What IF Obsidian all of a sudden has more funds to throw at this game. (God forbid, this is impossible I know! lol. Smh) What if then they look at the forums and see what people want? Oh they only want 1 single more companion. Let's add that. And they think they're doing us a favor, while they are in actuallity responding to a limited view of something that people want, but are afraid to express because they didn't think it was possible. Broaden your mind man. Stop living limiting yourself and ask for what you really want. It doesn't matter if the devs can't do it. Hell, 99.9999% of the people here don't actually know what is and isn't possible at any given time at Obsidian. The only people that can do so work at Obsidian and they will make their choices based on the funding and resources they have. Maybe they will sway towards more companions and not do that awesome CGI trailer that no one really cared for anyway.

The devs have spoken about the work it takes to make a companion several times before, so we do have an idea, if not the full picture, about what Obsidian can and can't do, and what they're willing to do or not. Furthermore, dreaming is fine but I assure you that planes and videogames weren't made just by dreaming them: if you want to see your dream actually come to fruition in some fashion, you have to propose a more tangible means of doing it; otherwise all we're doing is the equivalent of saying "I want to be rich", or worse, you're making a demand so grand and vague that their response may well be "more sidekicks", and completely miss the mark to what you and everyone else want, if they don't ignore it altogether as a thoroughly unfeasible request.


You see, I don't attack what other people want, but people feel the need to attack what I want because of an inkling of knowledge they have to say it aint possible. I'm not the one living in a dream, you are simply living in a world where everything just isn't possible. The question was what I wanted, and I gave it. You want to be limited because the devs say we can only do "this". And even though "this" might change in the future you cling to this for no reason.



You're either reading some hostility that isn't there, or are using words like "attack" and "complain" a little too liberally. You proposed an idea or a wish you have for the game, we responded with our perspective on the matter. If you disagree with my own observations and replies, that's fine, I welcome you to do this - this is a discussion forum after all, that's what we do here. I would also welcome you to expand in what way you think the devs could reach the end goal you propose. 

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I don't find any of the sidekick previews we got particularly interesting, at least not enough to warrant a promotion to a companion (granted, PoE2 companions aren't fantastic either), but Rekke could be a useful lore-dump, and his background is the most unique. He could give us a sneak peek into what else is out there, and hint at a potential future setting (assuming PoE3 ever happens). 

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Why would you wanna romance Ydwin??? She's dead. So unless you're diagnosed with necrophilia, I highly doubt you'd wanna make love with Ydwin


They got cannibalism so what's wrong with role playing a character who into necrophilia.


Look you got numnuts who got size issues, and I suspect thinking of becoming arsonist, sure does hope your boat sinks.


Worthless idiot who has some serious issues.


Mirke raging nude blue orlan with a drink problem


That's just mentioning few. Mind you after playing deadfire reading some these threads I feeling very normal any issues I thought I had seem very trivial.

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Why would you wanna romance Ydwin??? She's dead. So unless you're diagnosed with necrophilia, I highly doubt you'd wanna make love with Ydwin

Heh. Beacuse romancing a vampire is definately not a thing in fiction, no sir  :) . Also, why everybody seems to think that romance must equal sex? You can make a really good romantic storyline with a limited or no sexual content. At least I think so. I don't wish to derail a topic, so I'll be going now.

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