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[1.02] Character keeps "resisting" rot skulls being cast



Bizarrely, my character (itinerant: berath priest and ghost heart) will "resist rot skulls" when casting it (rot skulls from the berath subclass).  Attached is a screenshot pointing to this combat event.




Here is a dropbox link containing an autosave to just before this battle, along with the output_log shortly after this happened: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4diawxq76dnwr24/AAAcS6knMTgK_21-auBeVVGja?dl=0


It does not happen all the time.

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Does your Xoti have the spell resist enchantment on her lantern? On 1.02, the spell resist aura can make you resist friendly spells and buffs such as Rot Skulls. This bug is fixed in Patch 1.1 beta.


Yeah, Xoti does. Sounds like the exact issue. thanks!

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