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Bog druid quest dialogue appears even if you completed it



I went to the Bog outside Sayuka before getting the quest from the Fleet Master. I killed all the druids there. Next time I spoke with the Fleet Master, I had an option to say "The druids are dead" - she thanked me and sent me off on the coral quest. I completed that quest, returned to the Fleet Master. After I gave her the news on that quest, she told me of a druid problem in the bog. It didn't give me a quest. I checked the bog, they were still dead.


Seems if you kill the druids, you can accept the reward, but you'll still get the dialogue that starts the quest later on.

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Greetings rdarken,


Thank you for taking the time and bringing this issue to our attention regarding repeat dialogue of the Druid bog quest :) Would it be possible for you to provide us with a savegame file and your output logs so that our Development team can investigate this issue further?



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Saves are at the below link:



I don't have a save right before or during it. The autosave is my latest save. The HalloftheUnseen save is from a few days ago. In it, the druids should be dead, without having spoken to the Fleet Master.


I've attached the output log, but I read this after starting the game (but not without closing it), so not sure if it's helpful :(


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