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With a party of 5.. you can have each person specialize in different things, probably 2 things per person. So it's pretty much up to you. Ofc you want one person with high Mechanics(don't need more than around 10), one with Arcana.. Passive skills are entirely up to you. There are items that benefit with Religion(Xoti's lantern upgrades), Metaphysics, History.. maybe others. It's up to you. Insight and Diplomacy/intimidation are probably good to spec into for conversation checks, for a large party you probably want people with Metaphysics, streetwise, survival...

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i actually split each character to specialized2 passive skill. it's kind of suxs you need at least 1 character to max out the mechanics skill and you can't choose anything else.

You really need to max out mechanics, even though stats of other party members count? Or is it because no one else in your party has any mechanics points? This idea of the party's stats adding together is foreign to me.

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Have a party specialist in Mechanics, Athletics, Survival, and Stealth.  The Mechanic focuses 100% on that until it's double-digits, others can dabble a bit.  If you want to pickpocket, your Stealth person also builds that and Slight of Hand equally.  Everybody should have a point or three in Athletics, both for the self-heal and for full-party scripted interactions checks.  A few points Stealth across-the-board isn't bad, either.  For weapon-using classes, Alchemy probably gives the biggest combat-effectiveness boost.  Arcana and Explosives can be nice for caster-types, to give them powerful options to go to when spells run out or when the stuff they've learned isn't the right tool for the job.


For Passives other than Survival, pick 2 social or academic skills for your main character to focus on.  You might also want to pick one or two not to bother with at all.  Otherwise, give everybody a few points in everything else. 

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