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E3 2018 Thread

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Mamoulian War

Mamoulian War


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I don't take it personal lol I'm used to it on Steam and Facebook as well. I just laugh and continue to stand my ground, as always. This isn't a huge deal to me but I always found it strange how I become the blame of the thread going off topic when the other side is throwing multiple comments and encouraging me to defend my viewpoint (as if I had to) :)

Don't worry, give it two or three more years, there will be new guy with incomming Pillars of Eternity 3, who we'll be blaming for going off-topic again, and you'll be blaming him with us as well :p Such is the nature of internet :p

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....well, the Assassin's new game sounds mildly interesting. I'd certainly probably like the format change vs. what I perceived the original format to be (never had interest/never played any, hence "perceived").


But it's Ubi right? Uplay? I haven't played anything that requires Uplay since Uplay began. Maybe one day a game will make it happen tho (just like FONV is what made me reinstall/use Steam again)...just probably not this one. Still, I do like the setting and I do like arpg's/open world, if the dev's choices match my personal tastes well enough. Hm.




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Ah, it's cool. I love these boards because people know how to respect one another. The thread didn't got derailed actually, the e3 simply came to an end and people started talking about games and how they have aged. Pretty interesting topic actually. A while ago Lexx was recalling how a few of the quests in the original Fallout where actually nothing more than 'go to place A and kill B'.

There are couple of things to consider here IMO:

-those ideas where fresh back then(probably)

-they were done with style

-nostalgia is a weird thing

-it isn't about how games have aged but how much fun we had with a certain game at a certain point in time.

-some games 'age well' because they have gameplay mechanics that are simple and fun, but also hard to master. Doom and Quake are good examples, I could still play them and have huge amounts of fun.

Pssst, someone should make a 'Which games have aged well in your opinion?' thread.

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It seems to be an arcade game but looks better than sims...

2D platformer with colorful backdrops, I want it!

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