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Look at the details for any activated abilities that sound like they're related to fire to you -- Fireball, for instance. You could do the same with any of the Electric spells, but this applies to all active abilities, not just spells. On the same page that has cast time, recovery time, damage, etc, there should be a bold line that says "Keywords:"


That bonus applies to any ability that says Keywords: Fire. Even if there are other keywords, like Evocation.

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Firebrand, Fireball, Flames of Devotions and many others have the keyword "Fire". If you look up the spell you can see "Keywords" right under the name of the ability.


Like with Scion of Flame it may be that it even works for abilities that are not keyworded with "Fire" but do burn damage as main damage source - for example some druid spells that have the "Elements" keyword and not "Fire" but do burn damage and thus still get +1 PEN from Scion oF.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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